Unannounced AAA Title

With thanks to Unannounced AAA Title


Deviation Games are a new studio founded by former Call of Duty pioneer Dave Anthony. Nequinox were approached to support Deviation’s engineering efforts in late 2019, and we’ve been working with them on their first unannounced AAA title.

Our team consists of Leads, Seniors, and Associate Programmers and a Producer, working in Unreal Engine 4 and 5. Our team spans many disciplines, from Graphics, Networking, Gameplay and DevOps, and we’re delighted to be an integral part of their team. We can’t wait for the game to ship.

“We’ve built an amazing team at Deviation Games in the last three years. Since we started the studio, Nequinox Studios have supported our growing team with their engineering excellence, optimism and friendship. We love working with them and look forward to growing our relationship in years to come.”

Dave Anthony, CEO, Deviation Games