Everyone should work in an environment that makes doing what they do fun. That's why we're all about creating an inclusive, exciting, and collaborative culture at Nequinox.


Our work goal is to push the boundaries of video game technology. Still, more importantly, our team goal is to ensure every single member of our Nequinox family enjoys coming to work.

We love what we do. Our people live and breathe video games, we are passionate about innovation, and we want to see the world play more. We know everyone on our team has the same values as us.

Our environment is fun, creative, and flexible. Enabling you to get things done your way. Allowing us to collaborate with other members of the team to develop our technologies, processes, and tools to ensure we deliver experiences like no other to our clients.


Not all work is done in the office. We love our team social days. As a company with employees across the UK and Europe, coming together in person is something we really value and ensure we do as regularly as possible. We believe in working hard and playing harder, bringing days of fun, adventure, games and friends.

We are passionate About gaming

We embrace new technology, ideas and platforms and employ game players and game makers with pedigree who share our values and passion for games. We’re proud of our technical DNA, but we’re a creative and fun-loving bunch too. We generate our own ideas and bring our collective skills in art, games and story-telling and mix it up with a good measure of Nequinox energy to produce amazing game concepts.


As early adopters of UKIE’s #RaisetheGame pledge initiative back in 2020 we’re continually evaluating our progress in creating a diverse workforce, shaping our studio as inclusive and welcoming and bringing greater diversity to our work.

We are actively improving our recruitment, keeping the wording of job advertisements as inclusive as possible and making sure everyone feels like they will be welcome here at Nequinox. We are also committed to attending webinars and events centred around EDI in the games industry and sharing knowledge within the team, further promoting more conversation and understanding surrounding EDI, encouraging a more welcoming workplace culture.

If you have any feedback, let us know, we’d love to hear what you have to say 🙂